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What do FDA regulations have to do with treatment devices used in the radiation therapy field?

Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 807, 21 CFR Part 820 states that,

The FDA:

As you progress from Class I to Class III classification of medical devices, the regulatory control:

Smithers Medical Products, Inc. is registered with the FDA, as are all products, and the company received an exemplary review from an on-site inspection

MSDS stands for

The purpose of the Right to Know Law is

The Community Right to Know Law falls under the domain of the

MSDS contains valuable information

Section III, Physical/Chemical Characteristics

MSDS for foaming agents used in radiation therapy

Obtaining MSDS from one company to use for another company's similar type product is

Toxicology of chemicals (PEL) is regulated by

Toxicology of chemicals is

When an outside, independent lab tested SMP Alpha Cradle brand foam

What vapors are given off by Alpha Cradle brand foam?

What vapors may be found in other polyurethane foams?

If you use a foam outside of a medical company at your hospital on a patient

Attenuation describes

When tested with microwave radiation for one hour at temperatures up to 50ºC

Placement of the probes on the bottom surface of the slab detected

When tested for hyperthermia, there was a temperature gradient at the top of the slab. The bottom of the slab temperature was raised

The Alpha Cradle Advantage gives you a critical edge with

Alpha Cradle forms increase comfort and accuracy and can be used for what type of patients?

Alpha Cradle brand foam can be used by pouring the amount of foam needed from each bottle

Accordion-style bottles are used to

Alpha Cradle brand foam is the same as other foams on the market


Differences between ACPRS and vac bags are

If there's more foam than I need for my purpose, and I just use part of the mixed foam, I should recap the remaining foam in the bottle

If the foam is shaken too long, and the bottle becomes firm or starts to expand, the bottle must be opened carefully, but immediately

If I get foam on my skin, I should

To prevent an accident with the foam, I should always

If I get foam on a hardened surface, I should

If the foam spills onto carpet or clothing, I should

If I have an accident with the foam, after taking immediate steps necessary, I must

Which statement is correct?

For maximum durability with the ACMMII, I can place a 10" x 12" piece of styrofoam

If a thick piece foam is in the path of the beam, I can

Patient comfort and proper immobilization is not important to my palliative patients

The major concern with Alpha Cradle foam and today's treatment machines is that the foam has a significant affect on transmission

Treating through thick areas of foam will affect skin sparring

Treating through the foam will release gases in the foam