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If you are an RTT educator, you can receive receive free samples of various Alpha Cradle® immobilization and repositioning forms for your immobilization labs. You may also receive free copies of the Bentel book, “Patient Positioning and Immobilization in Radiation Oncology.” Send us an email with your name, facility, a line by line shipping address that accepts UPS shipments, the number of students you will have in class, and the date of your immobilization lab, and we will send materials to you in time for your class. There is no charge, Smithers Medical Products, Inc. offers this as a free service to the radiation therapy community. We will send one copy of the Bentel book as supplies allow, and one form for each pair of students in class. This allows one student to be the patient, and another student to make the form.

Smithers Medical Products, Inc.
The Makers of Alpha Cradle forms
Introducing the Online Student Education Program and Refresher Course

Smithers Medical Products, Inc., the makers of Alpha Cradle forms, introduces the online student education program and refresher course. Whether you’ve used Alpha Cradle brand foam and forms in the past, or, are a new student to radiation therapy, this course is for you. This course introduces new information, new demo video-clips, and an online test to quiz your knowledge of government regulations, OSHA, EPA and FDA, and correct use of our foams and forms. Our program is designed to teach you the safe and effective use of the most successful immobilization and repositioning tool in the world. Our forms are extremely durable, allowing the patient to get in and out of the forms without changing their structure, and have flat bottoms to fit your treatment couch. In the course, you will learn how to create superior Alpha Cradle forms that are tight fitting, and support the patient in the desired set-up position. You will also learn about FDA regulations as they relate to treatment devices, how to read MSDS sheets, and learn about the toxicology of products you may be using. At the end of the course, you will be given an exam. Those achieving 93% or better, will receive a certificate of completion. Those who do not, may review the course again and retake the exam. So get ready to take the first course of its kind, and become an expert at immobilizing and repositioning your radiation therapy treatment patient. This course will teach you how to safely and effectively use Alpha Cradle brand immobilization forms, teach you how to read MSDS, understand FDA regulations that pertain to treatment devices, and show the various safety features built into every product we manufacture. We provide critical information on toxicology and attenuation for our products. No other company in the world matches the Alpha Cradle brand for built-in safety and reliability.

Our program has been designed to teach you the importance of immobilizing and repositioning your radiation therapy patients. Proper immobilization can mean smaller margins, and proper repositioning guarantees your patient is in the same position day after day. The better job you do daily getting the patient in the EXACT same position,  means more radiation on the tumor and less collateral damage. The Alpha Cradle brand foaming agents and the Alpha Cradle brand forms have been designed exclusively for use in the medical field. Over the years SMP has been awarded seven patents for our various products. Our products have been field tested before use with the general public. At every turn in the design process, we have incorporated safety for the patient and the therapist who may make several molds each and every day. Our foaming agents have been tested by an outside lab for toxicology. Our various products have been tested in-house, then at leading medical universities across the United States. As of 2011, our products have been used successfully in over 16 nations across the world and in 2,000 hospitals, medical centers and free standing clinics across the United States. Alpha Cradle brand products can be found in textbooks, medical journals and medical encyclopedias. Since our inception in 1981, Alpha Cradle brand products have become an important part of successful radiation therapy treatment planning. No other treatment device in the world offers your patient more comfort, while giving you the immobilization and repositioning you need for successful treatment.