Pelvic Forms

PFM – Supine Form

Pelvic Form Modified

The Pelvic Form Modified was designed for superior immobilization from the patient’s rib cage to below the feet. This form is lightweight yet sturdy enough to support the patient’s weight as they climb in and out of the form. The PFM controls torso rotation as well as flexion and movement of the patient’s feet. Comfortable knee inserts raise the knees while allowing separation as necessary. This easy-to-use, easy-to-make form allows for pinpoint accuracy, with smaller margins, while greatly increasing the comfort and security of your prostate patient.
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PF – Supine Form

Pelvic Form

The Pelvic Form is for treatment of prostate patients in the supine position. The form comes unassembled, allowing full customization to each patient’s width. A triangular insert helps form proper leg separation. The form allows deep impressions of the patient’s form for exact repositioning and comfortable and secure immobilization. Targeting marks can be indexed directly onto the form for quick and easy repositioning of the form on your table top.
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BBE – Prone Form

Belly Board Extended

The Belly Board Extended is an advanced version of the Belly Board (see below). It is 6” longer, immobilizing from the rib cage down to the mid-thigh region and comes with more foam for maximum stability. This durable form allows the patient to easily get in and out of the form. High walls of foam hold your patient securely for maximum immobilization and repositioning.
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Belly Board

The Belly Board was developed for treatment of prostate cancer, with the patient in the prone position. Small inserts are provided to prop-up the pubic bone allowing the belly to drop, reducing the amount of bowel in the treatment field.
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